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At Gartner Rose, we are delighted to advise the safe and successful utilisation of the WE50 track possession over the long weekend of the 12th, 13th and 14th of June at Beecroft Station.

Over the possession weekend, 244 persons worked a total of 2493hours to complete 100% of the work required and the station was ready for commuters by Tuesday morning. The possession was finished with zero FAI's, MTI's, LTI's or incidents. 

As part of the Possession WE50 at Beecroft Station, Gartner Rose undertook:

  • Complete installation of platform canopy
    • Platform canopy size: 450m²
    • Platform canopy steel: 14 tonnes
    • 60t crane supporting a 150t crane with fly-jib
  • Regrade and resurface of country end of platform including footing for station furniture
  • Complete drainage ULX
  • Complete brickwork to Lantern Building
  • Partial cut-over of power supply
  • Cut over of communication services

Congratulations and thank you to the Gartner Rose staff, Transport for NSW project team, our subcontractors and suppliers for the effective utilisation of Possession WE50 at Beecroft Station.

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