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This accreditation by the Federal Government is recognition of the systems we have built and the commitment to safety that has been shown across the company. This puts Gartner Rose in a very select band of construction companies across Australia. To quote from the Federal Safety Commissioner:

1. Demonstrated ability to manage construction hazards and high risk activities.
2. Record in relation to workplace safety.
3. On-site audit results.
4. Performance against the following focus points: 
  • demonstrated senior management commitment to WHS; 
  • integration of safe design principles into the risk management process; 
  • whole of project WHS consultation and communication; 
  • demonstrated effective subcontractor WHS management arrangements across building and construction projects; 
  • whole of project performance measurement; and 
  • WHS training and competency to deal with safety risks.

Federal Safety Accreditation

Gartner Rose's Federal Safety Accreditation issued by Office of the Australian Federal Safety Commissioner.
Head Office Level 3, 15 Blue Street North Sydney NSW 2060
Tel: 9935 5900
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