Current Projects

Gartner Rose specialise in six key areas of work - please see below for more details about each of our current projects.


Gartner Rose is a leading proponent in the specialised field of construction in the Rail corridor. Since 1994 Gartner Rose are continuously working on a railway project within NSW. We have well over 60 projects making up our…


Works in an educational environment brings many unique challenges. Since 1993 Gartner Rose embraced this challenge and has proved to be extremely successful builders in and around schools and educational institutes.  Upon…

Prestige Residential

As builders, Gartner Rose believes in building bespoke houses with the highest level of finishes in the shortest possible time.  Gartner Rose has taken on this challenge and the results are breathtaking prestigious…

Civil, Commercial Construction and Fitout

At Gartner Rose we understand the importance of maintaining your business or public services. Whether they are simple jobs or extensive jobs, they are no challenge for us with our professional and experienced team.  …

Heritage Restoration

Constantly working with the top heritage architects in NSW, Gartner Rose has built a incomparable reputation when it comes to preserving Australia's heritage.  Our experienced tradesmen understand the necessities of…


Gartner Rose Roofing is a commercial roofing company specialising in large metal deck and insulated panel roofing projects.  100% owned by, and part of the Gartner Rose Group, it is backed by over twenty years of proven…
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