Gartner Rose Australian Golf Club Stage 1

Australian Golf Club Stage 1 Project Completion

Gartner Rose is delighted to announce the safe and successful completion of Stage 1 of the Australian Golf Club Project for the Australian Golf Club and Platform Projects.

The project involved the construction of entirely new storage and maintenance facilities within the live golf course, all constructed without impacting on the day to day operation of the golf course.

Works included significant excavation for the construction of the new slabs, storage bays and two buildings. Services were brought more than 200 metres to service the facility (including disabled toilets), and a new access road was constructed though the golf course.

Diesel and Fuel tanks were relocated and a cutting edge water treatment plant was installed to allow a vastly improved re-use of water programme to be undertaken by the club.

All works were undertaken to a strict and tight timeframe, to allow the Australian Open to be hosted by the club in November.

Congratulations to everyone for bringing this project to a safe completion and a special thanks to the project team, subcontractors and suppliers that have tirelessly helped throughout the project.

We look forward to watch the Australian Open being played around these facilities and are excited to return to site in February for Stage 2 of this project.

  • Gartner Rose Australian Golf Club Stage 1
  • Gartner Rose Australian Golf Club Stage 1
  • Gartner Rose Australian Golf Club Stage 1


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