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Gartner Rose provides over 30 years of extensive industry knowledge, capability and experience across our areas of focus, including rail, civil and commercial construction and fitout, heritage, education and prestige residential projects, strengthening our reputation within the industry.


Gartner Rose is continuously working on railway projects within NSW. We have over 30 years’ experience in the construction, upgrade and refurbishment of railway stations and associated facilities for high profile clients and Government bodies. Furthermore, Gartner Rose is TAO accredited and has undertaken many design and construct projects.

We understand the importance of working within the rail corridor and have safely and successfully delivered over 60 rail projects, completing works within some of the busiest stations and precincts across the Sydney network. We understand the importance of public, complex and live environments where facilities are to remain safe, accessible and operational during construction works. Our knowledge and experience with rail possessions, safety awareness and client expectation allows Gartner Rose to manage rail projects within a live operational environment with minimal disruption to commuters.

A testament to our abilities includes our safe and successfully completed rail projects.

Beecroft Station Upgrade

Civil and Commercial

Gartner Rose has over 30 years’ experience in the construction, upgrade and refurbishment of buildings, facilities and precincts within high pedestrian and populated areas for high profile clients and Government bodies.

Gartner Rose understands the complex nature of projects that require extra precautions and care when working within live environments. Our projects have seen construction undertaken in various difficult environments, including construction on a water’s edge and high security environments amongst others. Gartner Rose identifies key risks and implements construction delivery accordingly through strategically planned and structured approaches.

Our experience across multiple commercial construction, refurbishments and fitouts has provided us with the ability to fine-tune our company and quality management processes, developing Gartner Rose into the market leader it is today.

Please refer to our successfully completed civil and commercial projects for details surrounding our experience.

The Goods Line

Heritage Restoration

Gartner Rose has built an incomparable reputation when it comes to preserving Australia’s heritage. We have a deep understanding of the sensitive nature of heritage restoration projects, often requiring special techniques to maintain their structure and presence as a heritage landmark.

Over our many years of experience as a construction company in the heritage restoration sector, we have revived some of Sydney’s oldest buildings across a variety of locations with the most historically valuable public assets. Whether a private home, public building or area, we are consistently working with top heritage architects in NSW.

Our experienced tradesmen understand the necessities of heritage restoration projects, as they are more intricate and require bespoke craftmanship. As such, Gartner Rose has a team of heritage focused personnel and resources available with the proven skills and expertise to deliver heritage restoration projects to exceed client expectation.

A testament to our abilities includes our successfully completed heritage restoration projects.


Working within an educational environment brings many unique challenges. Gartner Rose has embraced this challenge and has proved to be extremely successful in the completion of projects in and around educational institutes.

Gartner Rose understands the importance of productivity and the need to regulate order around educational institutes and ensuring any disturbances are kept to an absolute minimum. In order to work within live environments with students, Gartner Rose will conduct safety assessments around the site to ensure that the safety of others is in our best interest.

Whether the project be based within a school, university or college, Gartner Rose understands the complexities of an education construction project and what it entails.

For further details surrounding our experience in the education sector, please refer to our successfully completed education projects.

St Johns College

Prestige Residential

Gartner Rose has partnered with design professionals, architects and homeowners to successfully complete a number of prestige residential projects within the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

As builders, we believe that attention to detail, seamless project management, craftmanship and workmanship within the prestige residential field is vital. With these qualities in mind, Gartner Rose has produced a breathtaking prestige residential portfolio and an incomparable reputation across the Sydney region.

Gartner Rose is constantly looking for different concepts and methods to bring the most unique approach to each project and we endeavor to apply a modern perspective to each residence. We can proudly say that no two houses are the same as each residence has its own distinctive character.

A testament to our abilities includes our successfully completed prestige residential projects.


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