Industrial Relations

Gartner Rose is committed to ensuring that all workers are fairly compensated for the work they perform, that they are equipped to work productively, that rights and freedoms are preserved, and that any disputes or grievances are proactively managed in order to resolve early and prevent disruption to projects.

We are fully compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry and the Australian Government Implementation guidelines for the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry.

Gartner Rose remains supportive of its workers and committed to creating a productive workplace. Our stability of staff and number of long-term employees is testament to the efforts we invest in industrial relations.

Fair Pay Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

The purpose of the Gartner Rose Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy is to articulate and affirm senior management’s commitment to ensuring that Gartner Rose is a good Corporate Citizen, and provide a framework for contributing to enhanced social, ethical, economic and environmental outcomes.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Procurement Policy

Gartner Rose is committed to working with quality subcontractors to ensure the best possible outcomes with zero safety incidents. In order to achieve this, all spend is to follow a process that affords procedural fairness, and ensures the best organisation is selected for the works.

Procurement Policy


Supply Nation Member
Master Builders Association NSW member

Gartner Rose would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We recognise their culture, traditions and connections to the land.

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