Gartner Rose Parramatta Wall Restoration

Parramatta Wall Restoration (current)

Gartner Rose has returned to the Parramatta North Precinct to complete restoration and conservation works to a number of heritage listed buildings to ensure that the structures are repaired and protected from ongoing deterioration. The works will span several buildings, including the Yard 2 Privy, Yard 3 Wash House and Privy (C118), Compound Walls A and B (C117) and building C108, which were all constructed in the mid-1870’s.

Works include, but not limited to:

  • Repairs to faces of the sandstone blockwork
  • Recording and dismantling of nominated stonework of Compound Wall B to assist with the removal of fig trees and to rectify damage to bedding or unstable stonework, followed by reconstruction of the stonework in its original location
  • Desalination of nominated areas of stonework at the base of the walls
  • Removal of lead-based paint from the inside walls
  • Removal of asbestos ceiling linings
  • Removal of all vegetation, fixings and embedment’s from the external face of the wall
  • Cleaning of sandstone blockwork to outer face of walls to remove any harmful bacterial growth such as lichen or carbon-rich deposits
  • Demolition of all items remaining internally including tree and water tank removal
  • Replacement of missing or loose pointing to faces of sandstone blockwork
  • Reinstatement of the timber-framed roof structures, to then be covered with new metal roof sheeting
  • Installation of new timber-framed door and windows to Yard 3 Wash House
  • Relocation of potable water supply
  • Relocation of security floodlights

The Parramatta North Precinct is a place of exceptional cultural heritage significance and is included in the National Heritage List (Commonwealth), State Heritage Register (NSW Government) and as a heritage item in the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan. As such, attention to detail will be given to heritage fixtures, fittings and landscaped features to provide an authentic and sensitive outcome, emulating the original intent of the area. All works will be completed within a live operational environment.


Heritage Restoration


$1.5 million


Department of Planning and Environment | Property and Development NSW


Under Construction

  • Gartner Rose Parramatta Wall Restoration
  • Gartner Rose Parramatta Wall Restoration
  • Gartner Rose Parramatta Wall Restoration
  • Gartner Rose Parramatta Wall Restoration

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Gartner Rose would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We recognise their culture, traditions and connections to the land.

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