Gartner Rose Parramatta Station Lift Replacement

Parramatta Station Lift Replacement

This project involved the removal of two existing hydraulic lifts, replaced with machine roomless electrical lifts, including electrical sub-main replacement, fire system modification and associated building modification works.

To cater for the two new and three existing lifts, 20 submain cables were installed averaging approximately 60m each. The cables had to be installed through conduits in the platform and into the eastern concourse suspended ceiling.

Some of the challenges faced throughout the project included extensive night works, managing double shifts, extensive consultant and client management, management of latent conditions, as well as multiple variation works and rectification works.

Despite the challenges faced this provided us with the opportunities to apply innovative ideas that proved to bring value to the project. Some of the innovations and benefits applied included:

  • Utilisation of innovative proprietary Titan Hoardings, with benefits including rapid mobilisation, self-certification and zero penetrations to surrounding surfaces
  • Refurbishment of the waterproofing membrane to the roof of lift shaft 6 and 7. This will prevent future leaks that appear to have plagued the lift shafts for the duration of their lives
  • Re-establishment of a hidden and backfilled platform pit, which will allow future cable maintenance, pulling of new cables and cable inspection
  • Replacement of all Eastern Station Lift Submains, which will prevent platform excavation for future upgrades






Sydney Trains


October 2014 - August 2015

  • Gartner Rose Parramatta Station Lift Replacement
  • Gartner Rose Parramatta Station Lift Replacement
  • Gartner Rose Parramatta Station Lift Replacement
  • Gartner Rose Parramatta Station Lift Replacement

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