Gartner Rose Wyee Station Upgrade

Wyee Station Project Completion

Gartner Rose are delighted to advise the safe and successful completion of the Design and Construct upgrade at Wyee Station for Transport for NSW (TfNSW) as part of the Transport Access Program (TAP).

The Program provides a safe and enhanced travelling experience for public transport customers by delivering accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure. Within this program, the completed station upgrade improves access to the station for the community.

Over 54 weeks of construction, 29,636 hours were worked to complete the work required for Wyee Station Upgrade.

Wyee Station Upgrade saw the installation of 3 new passenger lifts, connecting the platforms to Gorokan and Wyee Roads via the existing footbridge for improved access for the community – in particular, carers/parents with prams, customers with luggage or with a disability. Canopies and screens were then installed at the entrance of the new lifts.

Gartner Rose completed upgrades to the existing pedestrian pathways to improve access to essential station facilities including from both commuter car parks at Gorokan Road and Wyee Road. A newly accessible parking space and kiss and ride space were also constructed in the Gorokan Road commuter car park. New bollards and fencing around the station were installed.

Accessibility improvements were made to station facilities including the station waiting room and the construction of a new Family Accessible Toilet.

Further upgrades to the station included but weren’t limited to:

  • Upgrades to CCTV, PA and OPAL
  • New wayfinding signage
  • Security, electrical and lighting upgrades
  • Installation of new handrails and tactiles
  • Landscaping work around the station
  • New stairs to replace the existing ramp

The work complements our recent completion of the Waratah Station Upgrade for TfNSW.

Congratulations and thank you to the Gartner Rose staff, TfNSW project team, our subcontractors and suppliers for the safe and successful completion of the Wyee Station Upgrade.

  • Wyee Station Upgrade
  • Wyee Station Upgrade
  • Wyee Station Upgrade
  • Wyee Station Upgrade
  • Wyee Station Upgrade
  • Wyee Station Upgrade


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