Gartner Rose Wyong Station Lift Replacement

Wyong Station Lift Replacement Project Completion

Gartner Rose is delighted to announce the safe and successful completion of the lift replacement project at Wyong Station for Sydney Trains.

During 10 weeks of construction, including a possession weekend, 1, 570 hours were worked to complete the lift replacement on the island platform. All works were completed within the original 10-week programme following additional works which were required by Sydney Trains. The project scope included the dismantling and removal of the existing lift, and installation of the new lift with modification works to the existing lift shaft to comply with and accommodate the replacement. The shaft was waterproofed, both the lift motor room and lift shaft were patched, and painted, high-level louvres were installed, lifting beam was installed in one builder’s week to accommodate the build of the new lift.

The new lift was handed over to Sydney Trains and opened to the public on the 10th of September 2020.

Further works included the supply and installation of the mechanical ventilation system for the upgraded lift shaft and the upgrade of associated electricals including CCTV.

The works complement our recent lift replacement projects at Strathfield and Central Station and currently at Kogarah Station, all within the Sydney region.

Congratulations to everyone for bringing this project to a safe completion and a special thank you to the project team, subcontractors and suppliers.

  • Gartner Rose Wyong Station Lift Replacement
  • Gartner Rose Wyong Station Lift Replacement


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