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Over the possession weekend, 50 persons worked a total of 356 hours to complete 100% of the work required.

As part of the Possession WE18 at Niagara Park Station, Gartner Rose completed 75 linear metres of platform trenching, installed 300 linear metres of conduit, and 14.4m3 of stabilised sand. Two concrete strip foundations were installed with four pedestals and 11T of asphalt laid. The utilisation of three excavators, two dumpers and a 1 x 38m boom pump. The possession was finished with zero FAI’s, MTI’s, LTI’s or incidents.

Congratulations and, thank you to the Gartner Rose staff, Transport for NSW project team, our subcontractors and suppliers for the effective utilisation of Possession WE18 at Niagara Park Station.


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